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CBBC - The Dengineers

We just couldn't resist being involved in this fantastic project!

The CBBC brief was to build a soundproof structure in under 8 days ready for the CBBC design team to install their unique amplifier frontage and to fit out the studio internally.

The out come was 2 very happy children who now have a professional standard garden studio to make as much noise as they want without disturbing their mum and dad or the neighbours!

“images courtesy of the CBBC”

garden studios

Read more on the BBC website!

CBBC has signed presenter, radio host and popular Strictly Come Dancing finalist Mark Wright to co-host a brand new makeover show, The Dengineers, creating dream dens for lucky recipients……

Watch the full episode!

Mark and Lauren get the help of experts to design dream dens for children. Sibling rockers Sami and Nadia need their own soundproofed rehearsal room……

Recording Studio Design & Build

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Audio Schemes Limited is a well-established recording studio design and build company offering its services to clients in the UK and further afield. We cater for commercial and domestic clients, building high performance spaces within realistic budget constraints and just as importantly on time! For clients in the commercial sector including broadcast suites and post production, we can GUARANTEE completion dates as long as we control the build from construction through to technical wiring. It will all be under one roof with one point of contact, our own founder and managing director who over sees all projects personally to make sure we deliver what we promise to minimise your down time.

Domestic & Commercial Soundproofing

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As well as soundproofing recording studios, we offer our knowledge base to domestic and commercial clients. We don’t sell products so are not tied in to any particular supplier and offer customers the chance to get soundproofing installed by a bonafide studio construction company. Your soundproofing project would have the weight of our knowhow behind it, giving it the very best chance to succeed. There are hundreds of products out there for what in reality is only a simple issue, “how to stop sound (kinetic) energy”.